Advertisement disclosure: How we earn money through affiliate links

In the vast world of online trading, making informed decisions about the right trading platforms and brokers can be a daunting task for traders. 

At, we strive to simplify this process by providing comprehensive reviews, insightful trading guides, and valuable information to help traders. This information helps traders make informed decisions in the trading world.

To sustain our efforts and deliver valuable content, we participate in affiliate marketing, forming partnerships with trusted companies. Let us inform traders how we earn money through affiliate links and our commitment to promoting only reputable firms.

Advertisement disclosure

What do we mean by affiliate links and marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a pay-per-performance marketing method. It is an approach in which a website advertises the products or services of other businesses.

Such companies offer a chance for the website to earn a commission for each customer referred through their affiliate links. At, we engage in affiliate marketing by promoting trusted trading platforms and brokers. 

Our primary objective is to offer reliable information to traders while generating revenue to maintain and enhance our services.

How we earn money:

How earns money

By promoting a website or a binary broker via a special affiliate link, we might get paid a commission for an active customer. The brokers are paying commissions to us by referring new traders to their platforms. There are no disadvantages for the trades by using our affiliate links.

Promoting trusted companies

We understand that traders rely on the information that we offer to them. That’s why we consider every aspect of a trading platform before affiliating with it. Therefore, we promote only trusted companies like IQ Option, Pocket Option, Quotex, etc. 

To know whether a company is trustworthy, we ensure that we consider the reviews of other traders. That’s why we constantly keep a check on trading forums, trading communities, and social media channels. 

It helps our team know whether the brokers with which we affiliate are following fair trading practices. See our Trust Score on how we trust brokers.

In-depth research

In-depth research

We prioritize the reputation and credibility of the companies we promote. Our team conducts thorough research and analysis to evaluate the trading platforms and brokers. 

The affiliate links that we promote are trading platforms with strong regulations and security measures. These trading platforms offer good customer support and user experiences. 

This stringent process ensures that we recommend only trustworthy companies to our audience. In our editorial guidelines, we are very strict on our research and content.


We maintain complete transparency with our readers regarding our affiliate partnerships. Our team ensures that we clearly disclose every review or article containing affiliate links. 

This practice helps us bring transparency and establish trust with our audience. 

Our commitment to honesty and integrity is paramount in all our endeavors.

Value for traders

Value for traders on

Even though we might promote some companies, we ensure that all our reviews are impartial. Our affiliations do not drive our recommendations. We present traders with transparent information that helps them make their trading decisions. 

Our reviews are based on extensive research and analysis. We strive to provide traders. The review team ensures that they present accurate information about the features, functionality, and user experience of various trading platforms and brokers.

Continual evaluation

We constantly monitor and evaluate the performance and reputation of the companies we promote. If any concerns or issues arise with the broker, we take immediate action to rectify the situation. 

Our priority is to ensure that we endorse only those companies that consistently maintain the highest standards of service and reliability.

User feedback

User feedback

We value the feedback and experiences shared by our users. So, we listen to their input and gain valuable insights into the performance of the trading platforms and brokers we recommend. 

This feedback loop helps us maintain a high level of quality and enables us to respond promptly to any emerging issues.

Conclusion – Trade with us, your safe choice!

Our team is focused on providing traders with reliable information, educational resources, and trustworthy recommendations. Through affiliate marketing, we sustain our operations and continue to offer valuable services to the trading community. 

However, we have a commitment to promote only trusted companies. So, we focus on maintaining transparency, conducting thorough research, and prioritizing user feedback. We strive to foster a trusted and valuable resource for traders with our efforts.

For more information, please see our contact page or read more about us.

Most asked questions about our advertisement disclosure:

Are the brokers promoted on our website solely chosen based on affiliate partnerships?

No, the companies we promote on are not solely selected based on affiliate partnerships. We prioritize the reputation and credibility of the trading platforms and brokers we review. 
Our team conducts thorough research and analysis by considering various factors. While affiliate partnerships play a role in our revenue generation, the primary focus remains on providing traders with accurate and unbiased information.

How do we ensure transparency when it comes to affiliate links?

Transparency is a great factor for us. We closely disclose if we have any affiliate links in our content. This disclosure ensures that readers are aware of the affiliate nature of the links. We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our readers to foster trust and integrity in our relationship.

Can traders trust the reviews and recommendations on our website?

Yes, traders can trust the reviews and recommendations on our website. We pride ourselves on conducting independent and unbiased reviews. Our team of experts dedicates extensive time and effort to evaluating trading platforms and brokers
Our reviews consider objective criteria and genuine user experiences. 

How do we address concerns or issues with the companies we promote?

We take the concerns and issues raised by traders or our readers seriously. We regularly monitor and evaluate the performance and reputation of the trading platforms and brokers we endorse. We maintain open lines of communication with the companies and encourage our users to provide feedback. This feedback loop helps us address any emerging issues promptly and ensure the highest standards of service and reliability.